Sharam’s unique production style, along with a diverse list of accomplishments in the international charts and underground realms, has solidified him as a true non-conformist and innovator in dance music – both as a solo artist and as part of the legendary group Deep Dish. The Grammy-winning producer continuously reimagines his sound and style, which are rooted in his belief that forward motion is only possible through cross-pollination of styles and influences. 

We have been working with Sharam, planning his logistics throughout the US, South America and across the globe both as a solo artist and as part of deep dish for just over a year now and we are looking forward to assisting with many more exciting shows!

Responsibilities include:

  • Organise and maintain shared documents & calendars with all deal and show information
  • Advance all show with the promoters
  • Liaise between the artist, agent, manger and promoter to lock in logistics and ensure a smooth run up to the event
  • Bespoke Itinerary designed for the artist


Artist Advancing
Show Logistics
Producing Itineraries
Emergency Support